Rusty Lake Paradise

Rusty Lake Paradise for Windows

Rusty Lake Paradise

Get Ready for Mystery and Adventure

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  • Plenty of puzzles to solve
  • Interesting storytelling element


  • Graphics could use a little polishing
  • Can be very tricky at times

Get Ready for Mystery and Adventure

Cool Game for Story Lovers

Rusty Lake Paradise is the latest instalment in the popular series of Rusty Lake games. Gamers take on the role of Jakob Eilander, who is returning to Paradise Island to help his family overcome a series of plagues that they have been afflicted with. This is done by solving puzzles and talking to the various weird and wonderful characters that inhabit the island to ultimately get to the bottom of a creepy and rather intricate mystery. While many of the puzzles can be solved rather easily, others are much more difficult to complete and the pacing of the game helps to draw players in and keep coming back for more, while interacting with different characters can also be a lot of fun.

Can You Solve the Mystery?

People who have a love for puzzles and an interest in all things macabre are sure to have a lot of fun playing Rusty Lake Paradise. Although some people made find that the graphics are a little basic, for other people this goes well with the theme and helps to enhance the storytelling element, while there are plenty of puzzles that are likely to keep gamers up at night as they try to get to the bottom of them.

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Rusty Lake Paradise


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